Celebrate Rye Bonfire Night with The Lookout

Celebrate Rye Bonfire Night with The Lookout

Bonfire Night, to most, is an evening to watch some bedazzling fireworks light up the sky, but in Sussex, it’s a celebration that begins in the first weekend of September and ends in the third weekend of November! Bonfire Societies from towns all around Sussex take part in staggered parades over the ‘Bonfire season’, with some attracting thousands of spectators!

Rye is no exception and has a long-standing history with the occasion and is vigorously celebrated by the locals and the usually sleepy town becomes a hive of activity. While Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder plot dominate the bonfire tradition, in Sussex (and Rye!) the history runs a little deeper still. We hear tales of the 16th-century martyrs and stories of the Danes and their funeral rites of casting off a burning boat bearing the mortal remains of Vikings. However, Rye’s historic association is likely to date to the 14th Century, when the town was ransacked and burned to the ground by the French several times!

The culmination of Rye’s historic past, combined with the 17th-century Gunpowder Plot of the notorious Guy Fawkes, Rye’s Bonfire celebrations are a magnificent evening of historic merriment that people of all ages can enjoy. This year the torchlight procession and fireworks display will take place on Saturday 13th November between 8 – 9 pm.

After the very quiet past two Autumns in Rye, we are very excited for the return of this spectacular event! The Lookout is perfectly situated along the procession route, and to celebrate we will be offering a very hearty menu this evening with tables bookable between 5 and 9.30 pm.

What better way to celebrate this spectacular evening and ‘Remember, Remember the 5th November’?

Advanced booking is strongly advised and can be booked online here.